Whether it's for commercials, industrials, animated character voices, recorded books or podcasts, you've come to the right person! Radio, TV, Film, Video, Podcasts --

​Sandra's the voice for your project!

Whether you're directing a 30-second TV commercial, a 30-minute indie film, or a three-hour live stage production, Sandra offers you red-carpet results!

Voice-overs & Narration

What does Sandra offer to you?

SBS Vocalworx is proud to work with

West Rush Media LLC to give you

the best results for your vocal needs!


Opera,oratorio, musical theatre, jazz, rock, pop, gospel/contempo Christian -- and that's just the beginning. 30+ years of professional performance experience speak for themselves!

Vocal Coaching


Why not try it for yourself? Get your vocal training from a versatile and highly experienced professional who's been teaching ages 11 to 84 (her oldest student so far!) for decades!


Superb vocal performances, engaging voice-over and narration skills,

compelling acting and finely-honed vocal coaching -- all in one artist.