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Services Sandra can offer to YOU!


Storytelling is one thing that everyone wants and needs,

and Sandra brings years of stage experience to both comedy and drama on stage and screen.

Whether you want to sell cars in a 30-second commercial, 

create an instructional industrial film for your employees, 

or bring to life some of the timeless dramas or comedies from plays of the past or the present,

you want an actor who is intelligent and artistically sensitive to bring your vision to life.

When you come to that decision in

your production planning, 

that's when you'll want to contact Sandra. 


Click on the "Stage & Concert Roles" on the above Menu bar to get an overview of some of the MANY types of singing Sandra's done throughout her career!  It doesn't stop there, either -- she's ready to offer you Blues, Jazz, Pop and Rock styles, or provide beautifully memorable moments at your wedding or special occasion events!

Sandra's narration/voice-over clients include:


The Susan B. Anthony House & Museum - Rochester NY

School of Film & Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology

The Telos Trio/Rochester NY Woman Suffrage Centennial -- 2017

Children's book on CD: "Yum and Yuk: When the Sun Goes Down"  by Nanette Nocon

The David Hochstein Memorial School of Music & Dance - Rochester NY

Preserving the Past, LLC - Brighton NY

Clear Cove Water Purification Systems - Rochester NY

Floodbroker.com - Rochester NY

Voice-over and Narration Recording

​Here's a sample of just a few of the commercial styles of voice-over and narration that Sandra can do for your business or promotion. Bring her voice into your advertisement campaign and get ready for energy and excitement!  

Got a great script but no studio-quality recording facilities lined up?


Sandra is affiliated with WEST RUSH MEDIA, LLC., the award-winning

audio recording/post-production facility in upstate NY.

WRM has won Emmy and Peabody Awards, and can put their

state-of-the-art facility to work for YOU!

Check out the short animation at the upper left: I'm the voice of the grandmother narrating the story of an ancient legend from the Philippines!

Vocal Coaching & Voice Instruction

Hey, why let HER have all the fun?!?             Have you ever wanted to improve your own singing skills?

Ever wanted to be the lead singer in a jazz combo, or let your voice soar to the skies in an opera aria, or bring the audience

to its feet applauding your musical theatre showstopping ballad?

Consider take voice lessons or getting vocal coaching from one who's "been there and done that"!

Sandra believes that singing is the most enjoyable art form out there,

​because it involves a person's physical, intellectual and spiritual centers to create a truly personal expression of emotion

in a process that manufactured instruments like pianos and violins can only imitate but never duplicate.

Give it a try! You may discover that you have an incredible gift just WAITING to be polished up and shared!

Click the link below to take a look at one of my students who was recently on TV!